A stamp set of two will have one male and one female stamp.

1. Place female or concave part in desired position on work piece, then strike until desired impression is attained.
2. Place female firmly in vice and snap work piece back into place.
3. Align the male according to the faint line left from the female.  Be very careful that the male part is centered precisely. 

    Begin striking lightly until some depth is attained and alignment is perfect. 

    Proceed striking the male until maximum relief is achieved.


Due to the nature of use, purchases of stamping tools are final.



SHOT PLATE  # 1  Tucker Tool 1-1/2" X 3"X 1/2"
Decorative designs for metal shot.

Ranging in size from 
3 mm (1/8") to 6.5 mm (1/4")
SM-SHT-PLATE  -  $60.00 Each  -  Quantity:   

SHOT PLATE  # 2  Tucker Tool
Decorative designs for metal shot.

SM-SHT-PLTE-2  -  $60.00 Each  -  Quantity:   

Shot Plate Instructions:

Shot Plate #1 - Place a silver ball in the selected cavity and hammer it flat from the top. Once flattened, remove by driving a small nail set or flattened awl (like a mini flat blade screwdriver) into the center of the ball just deep enough to stick into the ball and pry it from the plate.  The indention will help stabilize the ball while soldering.  There are eight shot cavities to choose from, for the right embellishment at the right time.
Shot Plate # 2 - Use the same way as SP1, except for large flower.  Pre flatten silver ball, then proceed.


STAMPS  -  Quality, Numbers & Letters
One twenty forth of an inch (1/24") is approx. one millimeter (1 mm) in height.
One forty fifth of an inch (1/45") is approx. a half of a millimeter (0.5 mm) in height.

"14K" 1/24" (1 mm) Block Letters - Curved, Rectangular Shaft
SM-QMB-KT24  -  $34.80 Each  -  Quantity:   


"STERLING" 1/24" (1 mm) Block Letters - Straight, Round Shaft
SM-QMS-SS24  -  $18.95 Each  -  Quantity:   

"STERLING" 1/45" (0.5 mm) Block Letters - Straight, Rectangular Shaft
Letters are VERY SMALL - Suitable for stamping wire.
SM-QMS-SS45  -  $29.95 Each  -  Quantity:   




".925" 1/24" (1 mm) Straight, Round Shaft 
SM-QMS-925  -  $11.95 Each  -  Quantity:      Out of Stock



Clearing these out!

1/16"  INDIVIDUAL LETTER STAMPS Straight, Rectangular Shaft - USA made
Q -
SM-LET-16-Q  -  $0.25 Each  -  Quantity:   

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