ImpressArt Scratch Protector Book 

20 Stickers

BK-STM-PROT  -  $2.65 Each  -  Quantity:   

SAFETY "Alligator" TAPE  - 3/4" X 30 Yards  

Apply a little rubber cement then wrap your favorite stamps with alligator tape
to provide a good firm grip while striking them.
SA-TEE-TAPE  -  $3.15 Each ... 10/$27.55  -  Quantity:   


This three piece set includes a thick vulcanized firm rubber base which
absorbs shock, plus a round block of solid steel that is 15/16" (24mm) thick
and 3" (75mm) in diameter. The third piece is a sturdy round nylon block
the same size that fits into the rubber base for lighter, more delicate work.

This set allows one to hammer without creating excess noise and vibration at the bench.

Tip: Always use one face for stamping and shaping to keep the opposite face clean and
unmarked for smoothing your workpiece. Use a large file to shave high spots from the
stamping face from time to time.

EQ-ANV-BBH  -  $28.95 Each  -  Quantity:   

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