Polishing Compounds for buffing wheels

Cutting Compounds for deep file marks and scratches

Tripoli A fine cutting abrasive for all metals where rouge will be used for a final finish.
Bobbing Compound Coarser than tripoli (above) for faster cut down of deep scratches in metals.
Dry Bob The most aggressive compound for jewelry metals.

Pre-Polishes for hard metals

White Diamond A fine pre-polish for hard precious metals.
Grey Star A good pre-polish for nickel.

Rouges for final high polish

Red Rouge For high color and luster on gold, silver and other soft metals.
Green ZAM An excellent rouge for silver and especially for turquoise.
Yellow Rouge For hard yellow metals such as 14k gold and brass.
White Fabuluster For hard white metals such as nickel, stainless steel, chrome or platinum.
One Step A final touch for metals, shell, plastics & intarsia. Leaves no residue.

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