How to use Yellow Ocher

Scoop out a small amount of the yellow ocher onto a small shallow dish or tile (the butt end of soldering tweezers works well for this), then sprinkle a few drops of water on the dish near the ocher powder. Use a little paint brush, like a #4 sable, to mix the water into the edge of the powder as needed. You want a thin, but not watery, paint. It is best applied to joints you want to protect after the jewelry piece has been fluxed and then warmed. This way the ocher will dry quickly upon application to the precise areas you want it and not run onto areas where you intend your solder to flow. You can also mix a yellow ocher and water solution then put it in an empty nail polish bottle and use the bottle's brush/cap to apply the yellow ocher. Always rinse the piece before pickling so as not to contaminate the pickle solution. Always wear eye protection when working with chemicals, and keep all containers well labeled.

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