We will buy for cash or, for an even higher return,
trade you for your precious metals jewelry scrap.

Current Precious Metals Markets

Date: 4/12/2024
Silver: $29.05
Gold: $2,403.00

Note: a Troy Ounce weighs about 10% more than your typical Avoirdupois ounce.
See our Formulas & Equivalents page for more information about weights. 

For your Sterling to Fine Silver Sheet, Wire & Precious Metals Clay (PMC) Scrap we will pay:
75 % of the current Silver Market in Trade or we will pay 60 % of the current Silver Market in Cash.
For your solder Brazed or Melted Sterling to Fine Silver Scrap, Clean Filings, Chains, and Old Jewelry with quality marking, we will pay:
55 % of the current Silver Market in Trade or we will pay 45 % of the current Silver Market in Cash. 
We DO NOT accept Silver Filled scrap at this time.

For your 12k to 14k Gold Filled Findings, Sheet, & Wire Scrap we will pay:
1.2 % of the current Gold Market in Trade or we will pay 1.0 % of the current Gold Market in Cash.

Example: 1.2 % of a $ 1,700.00 Gold Market = $ 20.40 per OzT.


1. The metal must be free of stones, adhesives, base metal findings and debris.
2. Use a magnet to pull out any steel wool, broken saw blades, steel cable, etc, if present.
3. Separate the scrap by alloy and quality class - use a kitchen strainer to sift filings.
. Use heavy plastic bags for the separated quality classes and alloys.

We have two quality classes of Silver:

There is only one quality class for Gold Filled:


We will not accept industrial, foundry, electrical items or
*weighted tableware or steel blade cutlery.
No action will be attempted on scrap that is not properly sorted and/or screened of foreign material.
We reserve the right to reject and return any or all questionable material.

Send your Silver and Gold Filled scrap to ...

Receiving address for US Mail:
MonsterSlayer, Inc.
P.O. Box 550
Kirtland NM 87417
  Receiving address for UPS and FedEx:
MonsterSlayer, Inc.
4187 US Highway 64
Kirtland NM 87417

Silver and Gold market prices will be locked on the date we check-in your scrap.
Include a note whether you prefer cash or would like a trade credit for any and all goods we offer.
Please include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
Include a new order for your trade credit to be deducted from or you may write or call if you want a trade credit to be applied to a future order.
If you request, we will contact you with the total amount of cash or trade offered prior to payment or fulfillment of your order.

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