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Current Precious Metals Markets

Date: 6/21/2024
Silver: $30.59
Gold: $2,339.05

MonsterSlayer is Closing

Thank you for 35 wonderful years!

Costs have been rising, fewer people are making jewelry, and our main building would need some expensive repairs for us to keep operating. As a result we have made the difficult decision to close MonsterSlayer on July 31st. A developer will be tearing down our buildings this fall to create something new.

MonsterSlayer was created to serve a very under-met need in our area - to supply local jewelers and craftspeople with their materials at fair prices. Many of the big manufacturers wouldn't sell to us for more than a decade after we opened, and others required massive yearly minimums. There were lots of monsters to contend with. But we wanted things to be different and better, and strived for that in everything we did. We continued that when, in the mid-90s, we were amongst the very first in our industry to sell online and we started supplying customers from around the world. We kept simple, fair, straightforward pricing, and shipped orders quickly. No gimmick sales, no account needed to view prices, and no weird pricing schemes. Hopefully we made our customers' lives a little easier and our industry a little better.

We're really grateful for your business over the years, and the trust you placed in us as your supplier of choice.

All TierraCast items are 75% off
Swarovski items and pearls are 50% off

Most other items are 10-25% off

(excludes precious metal mill products)

Bargains, Sales & Specials 


            Glues & Cements

 Beading. Stringing & Weaving Books
               Lapidary Books
Metal Smithing Books


Beads - Glass
Fancy Glass Beads

           Beads - Glass - Czech Republic   MIX AND MATCH SEED BEADS TO GET THE 10 PRICE
Bugle Beads Czech Size 2 - Metallic / Iris
                  Bugle Beads Czech Size 2 and 25mm - Opaque
Bugle Beads Czech Size 2 and 25mm - Silver Lined
                  Bugle Beads Czech Size 2 - Transparent
Bugle Beads Czech Size 2 - Transparent Matte / Rainbow & Satin
                  Seed Beads Czech Size 13 Cut "Charlotte" Beads
Seed Beads Czech Sizes 10, 11, 12 & 13 Metallic & Iris
                  Seed Beads Czech Sizes 10, 11, 12 & 13 Opaque
                  Seed Beads Czech Sizes 10, 11 & 12 Silver Lined
                  Seed Beads Czech Sizes 10, 11, 12 & 13 Transparent
Tri-Cut Seed Beads Czech Size 9 - Metallic & Iris
Tri-Cut Seed Beads Czech Size 9 - Opaque
Tri-Cut Seed Beads Czech Size 9 - Silver Lined
Tri-Cut Seed Beads Czech Size 9 - Transparent

Beads - Mineral / Gemstone
                Amethyst Beads
                Basically Black Beads

                Carved Stone Beads & Focals
Gemstone Beads
                Hematite Beads
                Lapis Lazuli Beads & Cabochons 
                White Stone Beads
                Non-Round Stone Beads
                Rondelle, Tube, Button & Heishi Beads
                Round Stone Beads
                Spikes, Chips & Pebble Beads
                Tiger's Eye Beads 
                Turquoise Beads
                Dyed Magnesite - Faux Turquoise and other Beads and Cabs


         Beads - Fresh Water Pearls
               Pearls ... Large Hole
               Pearls ... Flesh Tones to Pink Lavender
                Pearls ... Peach to Orange
                Pearls ... Peacock
                Pearls ... Red, Green & Blues
                Pearls ... White, Cream & Grey
                Pearls ... Yellow to Bronze


         Beads - Organic
                 Amber Beads
                 Coral Beads 
                 Dyed Coral Beads

                 Shell - Spiny Oyster strands and cabs
 Shell - Carved Shell Shapes

                 Shell - Beads, Heishi, Ornaments and Lion's Paw Shell Beads
                 Wood & Bone Beads

      Beads - Synthetic
                Synthetic Beads  Amber, opal and agate



     Stringing & Beadwork Materials                              
  Bead Cord
Nylon, Silamide & FireLine Thread
             Beadalon Products
             Soft Flex and Bead Buddy Products

     Tools & Supplies for Bead Working
Bead Bench Equipment
Beading Tools & Supplies

Bicone Crystals ... Article  5301 and 5328

              Bicone Crystals - Top Drilled ... Article 6301
Butterfly Crystals ... Article 5754
               Cosmic Crystal Beads & Pendants ... Articles 5523 and 6680
Flower, Leaf and Margarita Crystals ... Article 5735, 5744, 6744 & 3700
Flat Back Crystals Chaton and Loose Stones ... Articles 2028 and 1201  11028 and 1128
Helix & Twist and Stairway Crystals ... Articles 6621, Article 5020 and Article 5624
                 Mini Round, Oval and Square... Articles 5051, 5052 and 5053
               Pearls - Crystal ... Articles 5810 & 5811
               Pendant Crystals  ... New Articles  6228 Pendant
                 Polygon Crystal Beads & Pendants ... Articles 5203 & 6015
                 Ring Crystals and Key Pendants ... Articles 4139, 4737, 4439 and now 6919
Round Crystals ... Articles 5000 and 5028/4
                 Rondelle & Oval Crystals ... Article 5040, 5200 and 4720
                 Sea Shell, Fish & Star Fish Crystals ... Article 6723, 6721, 5727 & 6721

                 Sew On / Link Crystals ... Article 5181, 3240, 3251 and 3296
                 Square Cube Crystals ... Article 5601
Tear Drop Crystals ... Articles 5400, 6000, 6010, 6012 & 5540
                   Crystal & CZ Findings - Sterling & Plated
            Beads & Spacers - Plated Swarovski Elements
            BeCharmed Collection - Plated Swarovski Elements
            Chann'el Settings - Plated Swarovski Elements

  FINDINGS - Plated Base Metals
Pewter Based - Metal Plated Findings by

             Beads & Spacers   Closeout 75% Off
            Bead Caps, Cones & Bails   Closeout 75% Off
             Beaded Findings    Closeout 75% Off
             Clasps   Closeout 75% Off
             Drops / Charms   Closeout 75% Off
             Ear Ring Findings and Buttons   Closeout 75% Off
           Hammered Findings   Closeout 75% Off
            Rivoli Frame Settings   Closeout 75% Off
             Spreader Links & Spacer Bars   Closeout 75% Off


      Base Metal - Metal Plated, Raw and Metal Colored Findings
Base Metal Barrettes
      Base Metal Chain - Bulk Spool
           Base Metal Jump Rings
         Copper & Copper Plated Findings

Gold and Rose Gold Plated Findings
         Gun Metal and Brass Oxide Finish Findings
           Nickel Findings

      Silver Plated, Rhodium Plated & Surgical Steel Findings


     Findings - Gold - 14K Findings
      Gold -14K Findings

      Findings - Gold Filled
Gold Filled Findings - General
          Gold Filled Chains
         Gold Filled Ear Findings
         Gold Filled Religious Findings

     Findings - Rose Gold Filled
Rose Gold Filled Findings

     Findings - Vermeil
Vermeil ... Gold Plated Sterling

  FINDINGS - Miscellaneous

     Findings - Leather, Rubber, Cable and now Rattail
Leather, Rubber and Rubber Coated

     Findings - Men's
Men's Jewelry Findings

  FINDINGS - Silver

     Findings - Silver-Filled
         Silver Filled Findings

     Findings - Sterling Silver
Bails & Enhancers for Necklaces
          Beads - Alphabet
         Beads - Bali Style
          Beads - Corrugated
          Beads - Fancy
          Beads - Plain Finish
          Big Hole Beads &
(Pandora Style) Caprice Chains
Bezel Cups
Chains - Bulk Spool - Bright Finish

          Chains - Bulk Spool - Antique Finish
Chains - Ready to Wear - Bright Finish
          Chains - Ready to Wear - Antique Finish
Charms - Chains, Pendants, Drops & Dangles
          Clasps - Crimp
          Clasps - Hooks
          Clasps - Spring Ring & Lobster
          Clasps - Toggle
          Clasps - Tube & Box
Cones & Bead Caps

Crimps, Crimp Covers & Cut Tube
          Crosses & Rosaries
 Crystal & CZ Findings
        Curved Tubes
      Ear Ring Findings
          Head Pins & Eye Pins
Jump Rings

          Links - Bars Drops & Rings
Miscellaneous Findings Featuring the unusual
          Spreaders and Spacers


     Scrap Metals
            We Will Buy or Trade for your Silver and Gold Filled Scrap

      Base Metals - Sheet & Wire
Base Metal Discs & Washers
      Copper and Brass Sheet & Wire
          Nickel Sheet & Wire
          Artistic Wire
           ParaWire and Beadsmith styles


     Gold Filled Wire plus Discs & Washers
         1/20 14K Gold Filled Discs & Washers    

     Silver / Sterling Sheet & Wire plus Discs, Washers & Tubing
          Argentium Sterling Silver Sheet and Wire
Sterling Plain Wire
Sterling Pattern & Berry Wires
Sterling Bead Wires
Sterling Bezel Strip and Gallery Wires
Sterling Sheet  (AKA:"Plate")
          Sterling Tubing
Sterling Round Discs, Ovals & Teardrops
          Sterling Washers, Fancy Discs, Bars & Tags 

     Silver /.999 Fine Silver - Sheet & Wire
     .999 Fine Silver Sheet and Wire
           .999 Fine Silver Bezel Strip

      Silver Plated - Wire
Silver Plated Wire for Wrappers

     Grain (AKA "Shot") for Casting
        Casting Shot ... Sterling Silver & 14K Gold

     Solders / Brazing Alloys
           Brazing Alloys & Soft Solders ... For Silver, Gold & Copper plus Soft Solders

     Meteorite Cabs and Shapes

Cabochon Stones

          Stone Sets Earring sets 



     Tools & Supplies for Metal Working
Bench Tools & Equipment
      Casting Equipment & Supplies
Dapping, Disc Cutting & Forming Tools
          Drill Bits, Burrs & Miniature Wheels
      Files & Abrasives
      Hammers & Mallets
      Hand Tools
      Mandrels - Ring, Bracelet, Wire & Bezel
      Measuring & Marking Tools
          Pliers, Shears & Nippers

          Pliers - Specialty
      Soldering Tools & Supplies
          Stamping Tools
          Stamps & Dies - Tucker Tools
      Torch Equipment


     Lapidary & Tumbling
          Lapidary & Tumbling

     Polishing & Finishing
          Polishing Equipment & Supplies


  Tables, Formulas, and Size Comparisons

Gauge, Millimeter, Inch & Drill Bit Comparison Chart
          Precious Metals Size Guide

          Tables, Formulas and Conversions
          Wire Specifications

 Information Pages

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Contact Us
      Company Policies
      Privacy Policy



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