2 part epoxy. Thickens in 1 hour. Hardens in 8 hours. Hardens 30 minutes under a heat lamp.
AD-EPX-220  -  $4.50 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

Devcon epoxy adhesives cure and join things together by a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. The reaction results in high strength non-flexible bonds that are resistant to most chemicals. Use Devcon epoxy adhesives for household, industrial, crafts or any job that requires a high-strength, high-quality bond.

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy
All purpose clear drying epoxy best used on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china and ceramics.
Devcon 5 MINUTE EPOXY: # S-205 Two part. 1 oz. tubes.
Working time: 5 minutes. Handling time: 15 minutes.  Resists water.
AD-EPX-5MN1  -  $4.50 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   
Devcon 5 MINUTE EPOXY: # S-208 Two part. Dev-Tube syringe.
Easy flow syringe. Snap open cap. Reseals for storage. Net vol. 25 ml.
AD-EPX-5MNS  -  $4.80 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

Devcon 5 MINUTE EPOXY: Two part. 9 oz. Kit.   
Easy to use plastic squeeze bottles.

AD-EPX-5MN9  -  $21.95 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:      Out of Stock

Devcon 2 TON EPOXY
All purpose epoxy that dries clear. Best used on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china, ceramics and fiberglass.
Working time: 30 minutes. Handling time: 2 hours. PSI strength 2500.
Devcon 2 TON EPOXY: # S-35 Two part. 1 oz. tubes
AD-EPX-TT1  -  $3.75 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   
Devcon 2 TON EPOXY: # S-31 Two part. Dev-Tube syringe.
AD-EPX-TT1S  -  $4.09 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   


DuPont DUCO CEMENT   1 oz. tube.
The most popular multi-purpose household glue. great on china, vases,
plastic, wood, metal and crafts. Dries clear and fast - non-flexible.

AD-DUC-1  -  $2.79 Each ... 12/$30.60  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

GS  HYPO-TUBE CEMENT     9 ml. tube (1/3 fluid oz.)
For watch crystals, hobby/craft and industrial uses.
Precision hypodermic applicator allows precise amount
of cement to be applied to intricate parts for exact placement.
Will not bond fingers. Dries clear - flexible.
AD-CRY-CMNT  -  $4.95 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

  E-6000 SILICONE ADHESIVE   3.7 oz. tube
Industrial strength, multi-purpose self leveling formula adhesive.
Clear - Abrasion resistant - Waterproof - Paintable - flexible.
AD-SLE-6000  -  $5.98 Each ... 10/$50.00  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

DAZZLE-TAC  1 oz. tube

An extra strong, permanent glue for base metals, semi-precious stones, glass, beads, bone, mirrors, wire, mosaics & more. Convenient nozzle tip for precise application.
Quick grab for immediate hold; always flexible and never brittle. 
Dries crystal clear; water proof and UV resistant for greater durability.
Superior impact resistant formula so that stones and findings stay put.
Use sparingly as a little Dazzle-Tac goes a long way.

AD-DAZ-TAC  -  $5.25 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

Super Glues

ARON ALPHA Type 220 Super Glue
High industrial strength rapid bonding adhesive. Non-flexible Alpha cyanocrylate. 
20-40 second setting formula. Medium viscosity. Suitable for rubber, plastics and metals.
ARON ALPHA Type 220 Super Glue - 2 Gram squeeze tube.
AD-AAL-2  -  $2.05 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   
ARON ALPHA Type 220 Super Glue - 20 Gram squeeze bottle.
AD-AAL-20  -  $9.59 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:      Out of Stock

 BEAD FIX  10 gram bottle
 Ideal for adhering glass, stone, metal, plastic, wood and
 most other types of beads. Bead Fix is unaffected by cold
 and heat and is water resistant.

AD-BEA-FIX  -  $4.25 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

Metal Repair

Devcon PLASTIC STEEL is a high strength epoxy that dries a metal flaked black.
Best used on copper, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, iron and pewter.
When it dries, it can be sanded, drilled, tapped and painted. Waterproof.   
Working time: 60 minutes. Handling time: 6 hours. PSI strength 2500.
Often used as a backing for turquoise cabochons.
Devcon PLASTIC STEEL: Two part. 1 lb. Kit. Pour able.
AD-PST-LB  -  $73.08 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

Devcon METAL PATCH & FILL (Liquid Aluminum) 3 oz. tube.
Rebuilds metal surfaces ... patch, fill, seal and repair. Chemical resistant
It dries grey and can then it can be sanded and painted.
It is often used to set channel inlay stones in silver as an adhesive and hide any gaps.
AD-LQA-35  -  $5.85 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

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