How to use a Disc Cutter

   You need a firm platform to cut discs. A log or a standing large wood beam works great. If you use a bench, position the tool above a leg of your bench or table. Any rebound will make disc cutting a LOT harder.
   A dense leather pad (like saddle latigo) under the cutting tool and on a heavy anvil along with the appropriate size hammer are a big help. The leather reduces tool bounce and protects the sharp punch's edges from damage.
   Use a flat anvil and mallet and trim when needed to keep your sheet of metal flat in-between cuts instead of trying to shove a crinkled wad in the slot.
   The real trick to getting a good cut is to make sure the sheet metal is laying flat on top of the lower plate. Hold the punch down firmly on the metal sheet and to use a good firm, non-glancing hammer blow.
   Practice striking hard enough to cut the disc in one blow but not so hard as to drive the cut disc all the way through the tool.

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