2 part epoxy. Thickens in 1 hour. Hardens in 8 hours. Hardens 30 minutes under a heat lamp.
AD-EPX-220  -  $6.25 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

Devcon epoxy adhesives cure and join things together by a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. The reaction results in high strength non-flexible bonds that are resistant to most chemicals. Use Devcon epoxy adhesives for household, industrial, crafts or any job that requires a high-strength, high-quality bond.

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy
All purpose clear drying epoxy best used on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china and ceramics.
Devcon 5 MINUTE EPOXY: # S-205 Two part. 1 oz. tubes.
Working time: 5 minutes. Handling time: 15 minutes.  Resists water.
AD-EPX-5MN1  -  $7.50 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   
Devcon 5 MINUTE EPOXY: # S-208 Two part. Dev-Tube syringe.
Easy flow syringe. Snap open cap. Reseals for storage. Net vol. 25 ml.
AD-EPX-5MNS  -  $5.95 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

Devcon 5 MINUTE EPOXY: Two part. 9 oz. Kit.   
Easy to use plastic squeeze bottles.

AD-EPX-5MN9  -  $21.95 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

Devcon 2 TON EPOXY
All purpose epoxy that dries clear. Best used on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china, ceramics and fiberglass.
Working time: 30 minutes. Handling time: 2 hours. PSI strength 2500.
Devcon 2 TON EPOXY: # S-31 Two part. Dev-Tube syringe.
AD-EPX-TT1S  -  $4.09 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   


DuPont DUCO CEMENT   1 oz. tube.
The most popular multi-purpose household glue. great on china, vases,
plastic, wood, metal and crafts. Dries clear and fast - non-flexible.

AD-DUC-1  -  $3.45 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

GS  HYPO-TUBE CEMENT     9 ml. tube (1/3 fluid oz.)
For watch crystals, hobby/craft and industrial uses.
Precision hypodermic applicator allows precise amount
of cement to be applied to intricate parts for exact placement.
Will not bond fingers. Dries clear - flexible.
AD-CRY-CMNT  -  $5.75 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

  E-6000 SILICONE ADHESIVE   3.7 oz. tube
Industrial strength, multi-purpose self leveling formula adhesive.
Clear - Abrasion resistant - Waterproof - Paintable - flexible.
AD-SLE-6000  -  $5.98 Each ... 10/$50.00  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   

Super Glues

ARON ALPHA Type 220 Super Glue
High industrial strength rapid bonding adhesive. Non-flexible Alpha cyanocrylate. 
20-40 second setting formula. Medium viscosity. Suitable for rubber, plastics and metals.
ARON ALPHA Type 220 Super Glue - 2 Gram squeeze tube.
AD-AAL-2  -  $2.05 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   
ARON ALPHA Type 220 Super Glue - 20 Gram squeeze bottle.
AD-AAL-20  -  $9.59 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   


A different formula giving it superior holding quality even under the toughest conditions
Suitable for rubber, glass, ceramics. porcelain, plastics and metals.
  SUPER NEW GLUE by Eurotool     3 Gram container.
AD-NEW-GLUE  -  $2.00 Each  -  UPS Ground Shipping Only  -  Quantity:   



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